Hypochlorous Initiative

Change the World for Good Initiative

The Hypochlorous Company seeks to bring some joy and laughter into the hearts, tummies, and minds of children and adults around the world.

Supporting Those Who Need It the Most

The Hypochlorous Company pledges to donate 5% of the volume of Hypochlorous™ products that are sold each quarter. Our products will be donated to underserved communities that will benefit the most from the use of our safe, green, and clean products. Those that submit orphan requests or communities seeking clean water will be put at the front of the line.

Nominate Worthy Recipients

We invite all our customers and Affiliates to nominate worthy recipients of our products each quarter. The person making the nomination and the recipient of the quarterly donations will be recognized in our News Blog. To make nominations, please use our Contact page, we look forward to hearing from you!

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