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Hypochlorous Dental Rinse

Made From 3 Simple Ingredients
“Hypochlorous dental rinse is superior to chlorhexidine containing rinses for many reasons . It is safe to use as often as needed to remove biofilm , it will not stain your teeth or promote bacterial resistance and most importantly it promotes the bodies natural healing process.” -Dr. Mike S. DDS

See why Dental professionals are recommending Hypochlorous Dental Rinse for all of their patients

Hypochlorous dental rinse is chlorhexidine and alcohol free. No flavoring or coloring agents are added so you know this product is safe, effective and gentle on the oral cavity . The neutral ph will protect enamel as it promotes the bodies naturally healing process while removing harmful biofilm accumulation

Certified Organic

non toxic
food safe
cruelty free
all natural

What is Hypocholorus?

Hypochlorous acid is made in two ways. It’s produced naturally by the human body to help fight infection and inflammation. It can also be made artificially through a process called electrolysis. This is when salt, water and vinegar is put through an electrolytic cell and the solution is turned into hypochlorous acid.

Natural safe and effective way to keep your mouth clean

“After researching what chemicals are found in many oral rinses I wanted an option I know I can trust to be effective and safe for my patients . Hypochlorous dental rinse is the only solution I recommend because it is organic and powerful at removing biofilm. As a hygienist I don’t have to worry about harmful microbes or harsh chemicals in patient’s mouths.” -Dr. Genee F. PharmD , RDH

The Only Solution You Need

Oral Germ Safety

Our cutting-edge hypochlorous formula effectively eliminates 99.99% of bacteria responsible for gum disease and tooth decay, resulting in faster recovery and improved patient outcomes.

All Natural

Our Hypochlorous acid is crafted with only the most minimal of ingredients – salt, water, and vinegar. By harnessing the power of electricity, we amplify this natural cleaning solution, making it even more effective at eliminating germs and keeping your mouth healthy.

Happiness Guaranteed

Frequently Asked

What are the ingredients?
Hypochlorous Acid 0.01%
Organic Ethanoic Acid, Pure Water & Other Natural Minerals 99.99%
What are the directions for use?
1.Pour a capful into your mouth and swish around for 30 seconds ensuring adequate covering of teeth , gingiva and throat area .
2. Spit mouthwash into the sink and avoid swallowing.
3. Hypochlorous rinse is recommend for use twice a day after brushing or more frequently as needed for wound healing purposes.
Does hypochlorous kill bacteria and viruses
Yes! Hypochlorous Mouth Rinse kill bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms in the mouth. This helps to reduce the risk of oral infections and gum disease.
Does hypochlorous kill fungus and yeast?
YES, HYPOCHLOROUS(TM) KILLS YEAST & FUNGUS more effectively than bleach and prevents recurrence.